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It is becoming more common that children are born to unmarried parents. With married couples, the husband is generally accepted to be the biological father. However, with unmarried couples, unless an acknowledgement of paternity is signed at birth, the paternity must be established through a paternity action. Otherwise, the father does not have a legal right to seek visitation or child custody, nor does he have a legal obligation to pay child support.

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Establish, Contest or Revoke Paternity

Genetic testing has made determining paternity significantly easier. After a simple paternity test, fathers can seek parental rights, mothers can obtain child support payments and individuals who had generally accepted paternity can revoke their acknowledgement of paternity (such as in cases of marital affairs exposed in divorce). However, there are strict laws which must be complied with.

The Uniform Parentage Act (UPA) controls Texas paternity actions. In fact, Texas was the first state in the nation to adopt this model act. The UPA’s application of paternity presumptions as well as possible timely revocations of formal acknowledgements can be very complex. It is important to have experienced counsel to ensure your rights are preserved and the process is followed correctly.

Once paternity is established, there are many remaining issues which must be addressed, such as retroactive and future child support, medical expenses for the child’s birth, child custody and visitation issues. Therefore, it is critical to have a skilled family lawyer who has the experience to effectively resolve all matters involved.

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