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Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

A fair and reasonable settlement is preferable to lengthy litigation. Our attorneys strive to resolve controversies early.

No one ever anticipates that their marriage will not last. It is a traumatic event when your marriage proceeds to divorce. After bitter fights and arguments during the marriage, many couples determine that fighting is not the most effective method for resolving important decisions, such as child custody or property division. The attorneys at Bain, Files, Jarrett & Harrison, couldn’t agree more. We help clients resolve family law disputes amicably through collaborative divorce methods, as well as mediation. Contact our Tyler, Texas, family law firm to learn more about collaborative divorce and mediation.

Divorce and related family law disputes can be emotionally taxing on the entire family – especially on children. By working through decisions in an open environment, couples are often able to resolve many issues (if not all issues) in an amicable manner – thus enabling everyone to heal and move forward more efficiently. In addition, parents seeking divorce will need to maintain some form of relationship with each other for the remainder of their children’s lives. Through collaborative divorce, or mediation, couples are capable of preserving a respectful relationship.

Our board certified family law attorneys are dedicated to excellence in family law. We clearly explain clients’ rights and the process before them. We help clients understand that mediation is not surrendering to your spouse/ex-spouse’s requests. It is a matter of working together, each with qualified legal counsel, to come to fair resolutions which are agreeable to both parties.

If our client is not satisfied with an agreement or his/her rights are not fully protected, we aggressively pursue further negotiations until we reach an agreement which is in our client’s best interest.

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